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    The New GT 2020

    Love Your Commute!

    The design of the E-TWOW scooter offers a very stable and easy ride experience, we have perfected our electric scooter to safely satisfy all your transportation and commuting needs. The new generation of E-TWOW Scooters is here. More speed, more range and higher torque for those hills.

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    With a top Speed of 25 mph, you will get to your location in no time!

    Long Range

    You can go up to 30 miles on a single charge.


    With a built-in headlight you will always be seen.


    Easy to travel with our fully foldable patented technology.

    Amp up your work or school commute!

    The New GT 2020 electric scooter packs more torque so you can conquer slopes with ease and enjoy a higher rate of speed if desired. This new and improved scooter is also equipped with an improved battery that delivers a longer range suitable for your daily travels.

    - A new Longer Platform makes your ride more stable.

    - Motor has 700W engine power.

    - Battery is Li-Ion, 48 V; 10,5 Ah. 

    More speed, more range and better power on this electric scooter

    Portable and Easy to Transport or Store Away

    E-TWOW scooters have an easy to implement 3-point folding system and each scooter weighs less than 27 lbs.  This makes them easy to store, they take up less space, and easy to carry into the office or home.

    The 3 Point Folding System

    The scooters can be fully folded by simply clicking the folding lever, conveniently located above the scooter platform. 

    The most portable electric scooter in the market

    Top of the Line Technology

    Regenerative Braking:

    The New GT 2020 has Formula 1 KERS technology, reducing the energy consumption and increase our scooter’s autonomy by up to 40% by simply pressing the magnetic brake.

    Smooth Ride

    Our scooters come equipped with front and rear shock absorbers, making riding on the city streets as comfortable as possible.

    Our patented polyurethane airless tires, coated with rubber composite and  improved treads, are enhancing the performance in wet roads and require very little maintenance. 

    Buy The New GT which is top of the line for electric scooters.

    e-TWOW Technical Specs

    Top Speed of 25 mph
    LED lighting group + LED light sensor + Rear Stop Light