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    The Most Portable Scooter on the Market

    Fully foldable electric scooter (patented) - Height Adjustable + Handlebar Folding + Automatic Unfolding Body


    With a top Speed of up to 25 mph, you will get to your location in no time!

    Long Range

    You can go up to 30 miles on a single charge.


    With a built-in headlight you will always be seen.


    Easy to travel with our fully foldable patented technology.

    Safe and easy to ride electric scooter to buy.

    Safety is our #1 Priority

    Brakes: Regenerative magnetic brake for front wheel + Emergency fender brake for rear wheel.

    Zero Start: For safety reasons, you can only accelerate the scooter after giving it a little push first.  This option can be disabled for instant start as well.

    Smooth Ride: Front + rear suspension.

    Reflectors: Side mounted reflectors.

    Safety: We always recommend wearing a helmet.

    The Eco-Friendly Commute!

    Green lifestyles are becoming more popular with each passing year.  Electric Scooters are often the best option for city dwellers who need a way to commute.  Now you can commute in style with a compact scooter across your city or town.   This more affordable transportation option is becoming the best choice in all major cities in the United States. 

    Buy an Eco Friendly scooter that makes your commute fun and easy

    Battery Powered Scooters are the Future!

    E-TWOW scooters have a 3-point folding system and and all models weigh less than 29 lbs., so they take little space and can easily be carried anywhere


    One of the best parts of the E-TWOW scooters is their distinctive folding system. The scooters can be fully folded by simply clicking the folding lever, conveniently located above the scooter platform. Once it is folded, you can easily carry the scooter and store it anywhere you want, under your office desk or in the trunk of your car.

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