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    Environmentally Friendly

    Our values


    A key focus of the E-TWOW concept was developed through innovative thinking. It features the industry standard technologies in electrical and mechanical engineering and is built in a factory fitted with the lasts HPRTM technologies. Our high-pressure RTM equipment comes with personalized patents for mixed structures. Our team is also focused on R&D investment as we have built a group of the best engineers from France, Germany and Romania.

    Customer Satisfaction:

    We understand that perfection is dynamic and we have never set-out to build the perfect scooter. With this in mind, we are constantly striving to progress, innovate and improve. Our years of constant challenges and improvement has helped us eliminate any and all problem we encounter through tests and studies that propel us forward. For this reason, we put the satisfaction of our customers first and we are truly grateful for the constructive feedback regarding all of the issues they face. We value the support of our clients and believe that the ultimate way to express our gratitude is to deliver excellent service to resolve any inconvenience that they may have encountered.

    Building a Sustainable Future:

    Alongside aiming to change urban mobility and revolutionize personal transportation, we are also focused on building a sustainable future. We understand that people all over the globe are opting for electric vehicles and we are providing an environmentally conscious alternative. From its zero carbon emissions to its utility in indoor spaces and even its access to large covered space (airports and factories), we strongly believe that the E-TWOW is the next step in urban transportation.