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    The e-TWOW Story

    Created to provide a new solution to urban mobility, E-TWOW is a provider of an innovative means of transportation (electric vehicles). With our headquarter in china, we are a part of a bigger global concept designed by a team of engineers from a mechanical and electrical background. The initial idea was the brain child of the Romanian Engineer, Dr. Sorin SIRBU and was brought into fruition using his years of technical studies, his passion for creativity and his deep desire to build an innovative transportation solution. Working with his team and utilizing his enthusiasm, he successfully created a simple and innovative solution to day-day-day transportation.

    How it All Began:

    While living in a rather busy city like Shanghai, Dr. Ing. Sorin SIRBU built the first ever electric scooter in 2013. Initially, he had no plans of building a business from his invention as he was already running a successful business and created the scooter simply out of his own need to get around in a practical and efficient way. His journey started off with the use of an electric bike which was heavy, impractical and could not get into certain places like the subway. He then tried a kick scooter which turned out to be a real burden during long distances. From this need, the idea for the first electric kick scooter was born.

    His first prototype only made it to a nearby eatery as it featured a simple motor and a belt drive which broke shortly in transit. The ease accompanied with driving his invention around gave him all of the motivation he needed to keep going. In just 3 short months, he had developed the first working model, a machine that was easy to maneuver and had an autonomy of 7-8 kilometers.

    Needless to say, it became a true novelty and drew a lot of attention from people on the street. This attention and the constant inquiries from onlookers mad Dr. Sirbu begin to consider bringing his invention to the market in order to help revolutionize the way people get around in urban environments. This was a bit tough as it was hard to convince people that an electric version of the kick scooter (a toy for kids) could offer adults the utility they desperately needed. But in good time, people who tried were convinced and exhilarated from the sheer joy that comes with riding.

    The E-TWOW Story Electric Scooter

    How we built a new era in urban mobility:

    The evolution of E-TWOW was laced with both challenges and improvements with every passing year. It was the first scooter that synchronized a kinetic energy recovery system in its mechanism, a system that was only built-into sport cars at the time. Perhaps what made it even more widely accepted were its peculiar feature including its 3-point folding system, and lightweight which made it highly convenient as both a transportation vehicle and a carry-on item. Of course, with time, the scooter’s overall design have been modified to feature more maneuverability and while the basic building blocks has remained the same, there has been some big changes to its ergonomics and software.

    Initially, Dr. Sirbu enlisted factories for the manufacture of the scooter’s components. But he eventually realized that the only way to truly guarantee quality was by the establishment of his own factory in order to oversee the production of the components. Currently, there are two major locations; the China factory and the European Administrative and Logistics Center located in Romania. A huge chunk of the scooter’s parts and components (over 90%) are made in the factory in China. This includes the hardware, all plastic components, the motors, the software and the Samsung cell batteries.

    While there has been a lot of imitation from many other manufacturers over the years, E-TWOW, has remained an industry leader as it has maintained its high quality, amazing maneuverability and efficiency. The E-TWOW, electric portable and foldable vehicle was awarded a gold medal for the best invention at the 45th international Exhibition of invention of Geneva. It is currently the only fully functional electric vehicle that remains operative without a battery. With other electric vehicles, removing the scooter and accelerating will cause damage to the controller or brakes. This is not so with the E-TWOW as you can accelerate, ride downhill and even use the brake and lights after removing the batteries without any risk of component damage.