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    In our quest to create an environmentally friendly scooter, we have designed an energy saving system that is efficient. The wheel functions as an electric generator thereby providing the charging power needed anytime the electromagnetic brake is applied. The performance of the scooter is also monitored by a Battery management system (BMS) while the system is in use. Our batteries consist of 10 series of 3 cells grouped in parallel assembled using Samsung cells. During ride time, no power goes to waste as the E-TWOW energy recovery system helps to store and conserve power. This works hand in hand with the Smart Battery Management system that closely monitors battery performance.

    Brushless Motors:

    Rather than brushes, brushless motors utilize a permanent motor to change the polarity of a motor’s electromagnet. This helps to keep the motor’s armature spinning. This absence of brushes make them a more durable, efficient, lightweight and eco-friendly option. Similarly, we have built our driving wheels to perform just like a brushless electric machine. It functions as a DC motor while accelerating and an electric generator while decelerating thereby transferring kinetic energy to the battery.

    Controller, Display, Software:

    As an added advantage over most electric scooters in the market, our E-TWOW scooters come with interactive functions. This connects with the controller and allows for complete control of functions like cruise control or speed functions. This interface also helps users assess other features like speed, temperature and trip number indicator. In order to properly balance out the autonomy and riding speed, the implemented software allows for the economical use of the battery’s resources.

    Integrated Control, Monitoring and Signaling System:

    Reliability is a vital factor and for that reason, the E-TWOW scooter comes with an integrated system that keeps all of the controls, signaling commands and monitoring in check. This integrated system comprises of;

    • A board with power
    • Lights
    • Horn and setting buttons
    • An eco-friendly headlight
    • A display unit
    • An acceleration throttle
    • An electromagnetic brake
    • Sensors

    A microcontroller that interacts with the main board A power circuit that transmits power to the front wheel

    HP-RTM Carbon Structures:

    In the production of our premium quality scooters, we incorporate carbon fiber structures produced from high pressure transfer molding process and aluminum. Our factories were the second in the world to become equipped with HP-RTM technology and all of our mixed structures have personalized patents. This attention to detail and enhanced technology creates resulting frames that are 50% lighter than regular metal structures and can withstand maximum load capacity as the HP-RTM technologies we use is well-suited for lightweight applications.

    KERS System:

    We implemented the KERS technology (KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM), a system that increased the battery autonomy by up to 40%. This makes the E-TWOW the first scooter to incorporate this through magnetic braking, thereby building a system that charges the battery anytime the brake is applied. This is the same technology used in Formula 1 competitions and we are the first to install this in a scooter.

    General Assembly:

    In order to satisfy our dynamic and ever increasing production needs, we have built an assembly line that houses state-of-the-art technologies. This helps to deliver efficient flow lines systems. To optimize this even further, we utilized aluminum and carbon molding processes in its entire construction and design.

    R&D Department:

    In our quest to continue shaping the future of personal urban transport, our R&D team is constantly innovating and implementing the latest technologies. We are always on the lookout for the newest solutions in the electric vehicle industry. To find out more about our plans for the future, check out our last project.